Age 13 to 18

Age 13 to 18 years Overview

Today’s world demands teens to be more mature and more skilled than previous generations. Let’s see an example.
Inner World PRANA is directly proportional to quality outer world of Focus Attention and Concentration.
PRANA (Life force) – Teens have loads of energy. Food , Friends , Colors, Social Media, Mind , Breath ,Habits have an impact on their Prana in a positive or negative manner.


The progress in our life is determined by where we pay attention, what is our focus and what we concentrate on. Most teens are naturally attentive on social media they concentrate more on peer pressure focus may be away from the goal.
What is PRANA and what is the difference between focus attention and concentration?
Teaching Teens what is actually important and required is the whole purpose of these sessions. Teens will have this knowledge for life once they learn it!!

INNER WORLD: Breaking the self-centered shell
  • Modulation of Mind
  • Prana – what is it? Effects on Daily life
  • Nature of Intellect & memory
  • Microcosm vs macrocosm
  • Science of Rituals
  • Rise and fall of Emotions
  • Impact of Sun Moon And Environment
  • Shiva & Shakti – how we are formed as Humans
  • Legacy – Yogic traditions of BHARAT
  • Decoding Divine forms- Gods
OUTER WORLD: Shaping Ego And Understanding The Inner World
  • Focus, attention, concentration
  • Luck vs hard work
  • Real Vs reel world
  • Over Confidence VS Clarity
  • Purpose of studies
  • Self centered Vs Self aware
  • Importance of detailing