” Purity in Heart, Clarity in Mind, Sincerity in Action lead to Success

Growing up as an introverted child, mixing, talking, and sharing with others did not come naturally to me. However, I was a deep thinker and super intuitive. My world was very different from others. The things that were very obvious to me, my friends found very difficult to perceive. Today, I realize everyone is different and matures differently. But everyone wants the same things: success, honour, healthy relationships, and happiness. Today’s world expects children to be more mature than their age.

The LIFE fundamentals workshop has been undertaken by more than 2500 kids and teens. The workshop is aimed at equipping children with practical skills to come out of their shell, develop the mind, handle guilt, increase attention span, channelize their energy, develop clarity in action, handle peer pressure, handle friends, and inculcate human values.

 Why Am I doing this? :-

  • Today, each child of all ages is exposed to more than the required information in all areas, from science, technology, sports, and sexuality.
  • Families are nuclear, and in most cases, both parents are working.
  • In today’s world, we are all aware of unhealthy food habits, mobile addiction, teens getting into drugs, depression, and so on.
  • Being fortunate enough to have been trained in the inner world, combined with my exposure to the world, I feel it is my responsibility to build an environment around children based on a solid foundation of wisdom and spirituality in practical daily life.

The bigger picture:

  • Expose and ground children in the various aspects involved for success.
  • To develop a SATTVIC environment around the kids and teens.
  • Through practical wisdom, equip the child with skills and techniques for their 360-degree development.
  • To stop kids and teens from getting distracted and falling into bad habits such as smoking, drinking and so on.
  • Instill the wisdom of Dharma.
  • Deepen their roots.
  • Make them aware of and responsible for culture and civilization.

After my degrees in MTECH Comp Science and M.A Sanskrit, my entrepreneur journey of 10+ years, my inner sciences education, and my experience teaching 2500+ children and parents, I designed the Inner World and Outer World workshops.

About Me: –

Namaste. I am Akhilesh Darbhe, a millennial with 32 years of life experience.

I come from a humble background, where my father left his home town of Satara in search of opportunities in Pune. My mother, before her marriage, was a school teacher in Mahabaleshwar, sacrificed her career for me. Whatever I am today is because of my younger sister’s support, who has completed her master’s in Sanskrit, and my parents’ and Guru’s blessings.

My Professional Investment: –

My post-graduation – M.Tech. in Computer Science acted as a ladder for my bread and butter. My deep desire to understand our culture led me to get an M.A. degree in Sanskrit.

After a few corporate jobs, I realized it was not my cup of tea. So, with my Guru’s blessings, I started my entrepreneurial journey in 2012.

I began with a few verticals: web-app development, digital marketing, and so on. As of today, I had built a team of 30 people. As much as I am proud of my efforts, sadly, I cannot name my company in the public domain as we have signed a few NDAs with the government for a few projects and with our foreign clients for data security reasons.

 My spiritual education: –

After my 12th grade, I went to the Bihar School of Yoga for 6 months.

The next 6 months of intense training for hands-on experience were spent working in various yoga schools, gyms, taking sessions in companies, and so on. I learned what spirituality is, how it actually works, and how to apply it!

The learning journey continues today, from getting certified by the World Yoga Alliance and RPL to visiting and learning about many sampradayas.

My Journey with Kids and Teens: –

The Beginning

Destiny is a very beautiful thing. Consciously or unconsciously, it prepares us without our knowing it.

Coaching football in my teens at various colleges and institutes was my first insight into how kids and teens deal with their mood swings, their excuses, and many more things

Surprisingly, the fundamentals I had known were not known to the children.

I started off with my first workshop, “Study Smart,” in various areas and states.

After conducting the workshop with a few hundred children of different ages, it was very evident to me that there was a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of various areas of our lives. Through these interactions, I also learned about different family structures and different family thought processes. I learned micro-detailing and micro-teaching in various aspects.

The Development

Armed with this experience, along with Study Smart, I introduced a course on life fundamentals with the purpose of making one realize the essential purpose and practical use in different aspects of life.

I reached the masses through various government and private colleges. To date, I am fortunate to have reached more than 25 colleges, facilitating around 2500+ children.

It broadened my understanding of kids, teens, and society. Handling girls and boys is different. I realized there is a big gap between information and wisdom. I saw kids and teens struggling to cope with the expectations of their parents, school teachers, and themselves.

After 4-5 years of experience conducting these sessions, it dawned on me to introduce these sessions to educators, school teachers, and parents. Most parents don’t think about it unless it becomes a problem.

For children who had a spiritual inclination, I started teaching Bhagwaad Geeta, Karma, and Tarka Shastra sessions, explaining their practical application to hundreds of children online and offline.

During COVID times, almost for 2 years, I was fortunate to take these workshops and knowledge sessions for more than 1000 children, teens, and young adults across various ages and states.

Entering into TOTALITY

All this led me to establish 360-degree Thinking awareness building program. In 360-degree thinking, we understand all aspects of our life in terms of Inner World and Outer World.

We live in two worlds: our inner world and our outer world. Let us consider two important areas of our life –

E.g. WORK: –


An I.T. professional is expected to answer 30–40 emails and attend meetings every day. Sometimes we are able to do it, sometimes not.


Do we have the same energy level throughout the day? Are we on the same emotional stage every day? Do we consider the impact of food and lifestyle? Do we consider the ups and downs of our lives? All these attributes impact our work, health, and personal lives as well. Do we think about all these factors when we want to achieve our goals?

When we consider these concerns as a whole and their impact on how life shapes, it is 360 degree thinking.

E.g. STUDIES:  –

Expectation: A child in standard 10th or 12th grade or participating in any competitive exam or playing sport is expected to learn every day, score marks, and perform at their best all the time.

Reality:Can the teen control their mind every day? Are they emotionally mature enough to handle the stress? Are they capable of handling the information onslaught on their minds? How do they handle criticism and so on? How do they handle pressure? A young female teen has to go through so many hormonal changes that we don’t even consider that.

Most of us don’t think about all the factors that are directly responsible for success and failure. When we consider these factors, it is 360 degree thinking.