Parent course- age 13 to 18

Struggle for survival vs Struggle for recognition

When kids are small, they revolve round the parents, when kids become teens, parents revolve around the teens! Most of today’s teen have easy access to education, sports, and hobby classes. Their options in regards to their careers, hobbies, and daily activities are huge. Influence of information through internet and social media is like never before – it’s good and bad. Their preferences for food, studies, behavior, habits, their daily routine is already formed. Also these teens want to make a name for themselves at a very young age.

It’s a must to make teens realize how life actually works and give them a Vision and Purpose. Teens are always searching for what is what is right and what is wrong in parents, movies, friends and society. Shaping them with real life examples and cementing their foundation on Wisdom and Spirituality is a must.

COURSE CONTENT: AGE 13 to 18 – Forecasting the future

  • Respecting teen’s knowledge
  • Understanding the pattern
  • Fear of failure
  • Expectation Vs Reality
  • Inner Vs Outer competition
  • Giving them purpose
  • Taking practical decision
  • Firm-Fair-Fun: Discipline