Age 9 to 12

Age 9 to 12 Overview

At this age when most habits are formed everything that the child does has an impact on the future of the child. Let’s see an example.

Mind is the inner world and Environment is outer world.

Mind – Where is the mind , Where do thoughts come from in the mind? Why does the mind hold on to negative things and emotions?

Environment- We go to a mall we naturally we feel like enjoying. When we go to school we are naturally in study mode. Living and non-living things make up your environment.

Most common thing we hear is MAAN NAHI LAGTA.

DO KIDs understand the impact of the MIND on the ENVIRONMENT and Vice Versa.

If we have knowledge of company’s finances then we can invest in stock market. Kid’s are mature enough to understand what are they doing and what they are going through. Similarly topics covered in the inner and outer world courses are fundamentals of growing up.

INNER WORLD: Forming Habits
  • Mind – how & where
  • Dreams & Sleep
  • Food, Colours, Clothes
  • Time
  • Prayer, Memory and Music
  • Prakruti and Vikruti
  • 5 senses and 5 elements
  • Ithasa , Vedas & puranas
  • Temples
  • What is spirituality?
OUTER WORLD: Shaping Desires, Emotions And Intellect
  • Environment -home , school , friends
  • Connecting to the roots
  • Developing the thirst
  • Anushasana – self disciple
  • Good & bad – Mind
  • Recognizing talents
  • Studies
  • Food- shaping habits
  • Exploring the body