Institutions function on three major dimensions.

  • Running the business
  • Strategizing and deploying the services offered
  • Handling human as a resource.

Institutions function at their optimum when

  • Human as a resource is cultivated
  • Specific skill set are imbibed
  • Wisdom which is beyond time space and matter, applicable for everyone is part of daily life.

Managing business and service aspects are mostly decided by time, money which are tangible challenges. Human as a resource is a non-tangible challenge.

The three-point solutions designed for development on a personal, professional and evolutionary forefront addressing the three major dimensions are as described below:

  1. Handling opposites in the business: –

Fundamental reason of stress is undermining impact of professional work and personal life on each other.


  • Learn the different aspects of personal life and impact on profession
  • Handling male and female energies differently and uniquely.
  • Bridge the gap between success and failure on a daily basis.

   2. Deploying services- Information is Power: –

  • Developing specific skill set for the required job is the secret to success.
  • Information leads to clarity, clarity leads to desired result.

   3. Human as a resource: – Responsibility is taken never given.

  • Learning three stages of evolution- survival, progress and contribution.
  • If you wish to impact 100 people, you need strength of 100 people.