Parent course- age 6 to 8  

Innocence vs Cunningness| Truth vs Lie| Real environment vs Fake environment

This flow is an Indicator of the few important aspects which shape up the child. Each aspect has a very broad importance and is needed to be understood by the parents in great detail. E.g.

Mind – We know that as adults we find very difficult to get into any discipline i.e. good habits. When it comes to kids, their mind at this age is in both conscious and unconscious mode. Therefore kids pick up bad habits very easily.
Social– Each child learns differently but parents and kids have school pressure to perform. Apart from school, other social factors like the neighborhood they live in, their friends, relatives, circle of influence – all affect them.
Shaping a child in the proper way becomes very easy if we have a group of parents who have similar views and rules.

COURSE CONTENTS: AGE 6 T0 8- Igniting the fire of development

  • Identifying child’s intelligence
  • Identify negative behavior pattern
  • Positive Vs Negative
  • Exposing them to the world
  • Examine how they handle pressure
  • Setting practical examples
  • Shaping fundamentals for learning
  • Environment