“Perception, Observation and Expression and the three most vital attributes of a teacher

  • Teachers have to play 7 key roles while dealing with students:

Challenges faced by teachers:

  • Efforts taken by teachers do not translate into results big leading too lack of contentment.
  • Handling and balancing expectation on 5 fronts namely students, parents, lower and upper management, personal, professional.
  • In today’s time teaching a noble profession is restricted by lack of 100% support from decision makers, changes in the thought process of the society and students.
  • Reinventing themselves by adopting various teaching styles to make the students understand better.
  • Limitations in disciplining students.

Our approach to address these challenges:

  • We approach these challenges by addressing certain life fundamentals with a 360-degree approach.
  • Aim is to bring clarity on an individual level before enabling the individual to contribute to this noble profession in a fulfilling way.
  • Though life fundamentals are nontangible for elders, we make an effort to give tangible solutions.

Let’s take examples of few life fundamentals:


  • Generally, most understand an egoistic person is the one who considers themselves as superior to others, shows off their education, wealth, look’s down on others and various other flavours.
  • In reality ego is just identification. A boss is an authority at work; he is a father at home. Most of us forget that we are playing a role in this case of a boss for certain time frame and end up being a boss at home.
  • Wisdom is going and looking beyond the person’s identification.
  • Many a times we fell we have self-doubt, we don’t deserve things, and this is negative ego, considering oneself as not capable and not worthy.

SOCIAL LIFE FUNDAMENTAL – What is our true need?

  • Our basic needs: Contribution, Significance, Growth, Variety, Certainty, love or connection.
  • In a group a person with strong contribution need will happily do all the work and stay behind the stage
  • A person with significance needs will always be the front.
  • Institute administration will greatly benefit as on how to handle the individual.
  • This facilitates teachers to understand one-selves and others better thus helping them to grow and work as team, develop personal bonding, withdraw negative affinities towards each other.

Strategic offerings for teachers:

  • Workshop designed for teachers facilitates them to be emotionally free, share enthusiasm, build relationships, enforce strengths in others, get involved in conflict resolutions and focus on individual and institutional development.
  • Develop 360°
  • 12-hour workshop based on wisdom and practical skills
  • Growth update session per month
  • Topics covered in our sessions
    • Career time
    • True power
    • Inspiration Vs Motivation
    • Stages of life- survival or growth
    • 4 stages in life
    • 4 types of communication
    • Wealth- the 8 types
    • Mind – 5 modulations
    • Time and mind
    • Impact of nature on our moods
    • Dreams and sleep
    • Food and prana
    • Music, prayer and colour
    • Understanding process of dhyaan and dharana
    • Soulful living
  • Topics can be further tailored according to institutions