In a student’s journey they undergo the cycle of change.


Our approach to address these challenges:

  • In today’s world our inner world of mind energy emotions is not in sync with the challenges in the outer world of sports or academics.
  • It’s a common observation a student of class 8th is good in studies but their inability how to handle the mind stops them from reaching their potential.
  • Mastering the life fundamentals increases chances of success
  • Develop 360° degree thinking
  • The degree of sync in our inner and worlds is the measure to true success.
  • Life fundamentals are building blocks of the inner and outer world.
  • We seldom pay attention to the life fundamentals

Let’s take an example of a life fundamental: Sleep.  How many of us can wake up without an alarm?

  • We take sleep for granted.
  • Even if sleep for 8 – 9 hours a day still we don’t get up refreshed and energised
  • We hardly attention to quality and consistency of sleep, dreams, reason for abrupt waking, environment for quality sleep.
  • We sleep every day and yet how many of us know how to empty the mind and sleep?


  • Workshop is structured to address the above mentioned student’s challenges. This includes a theoretical explanation supplemented with practical activities that students can immediately start applying and see results.
  • Develop 360° thinking
  • 14hr workshop
  • Growth update session per month
  • Topics covered in our sessions
    • Identifying personal need out of 6 basic needs
    • Focus, attention, concentration
    • Luck vs Hard work
    • Real vs Reel world
    • Over Confidence vs Clarity
    • Purpose of studies
    • Self-centered vs Self aware
    • Importance of detailing
    • Health
    • Time and Mind
    • Modulation of Mind
    • Prana – what is? Effects on Daily life
    • Nature of Intellect & memory
    • Microcosm vs macrocosm
    • Rise and fall of Emotions
    • Spiritual evolution in practical life
  • Topics can be further tailored according to institutions needs