Kids and Teens courses overview


Our courses for kids and teens are geared towards making them 360 degree aware of themselves through our inner world and outer world approach.

Decision making is outer world-  Intellect is inner world.

Success is outer worldEmotion is inner world.

Attention is outer worldClear Mind is inner world.

Work is outer world – Prana( Energy) Is inner world.

Inner WorldInner World is how we are from inside. Our Inner Yes or No voice. Our thinking. Our unique in-built nature. Our reactions to the outside world.

Outer WorldOur goals, desires, finances, family, friends, job, career and personal & social responsibilities.

We struggle because our inner world and outer world are not in sync. For e.g. lack of sleep in outer world results in irritation & stress in inner world. A complaining mind in our inner world results in lack of performance in our work or at him. At different ages, outer world changes we have to constantly keep updating ourselves in the outer world.

We have to realize INNER WORLD DOMINATES THE OUTER WORLD. Based on this concept, we have tailored the courses for kids and teens of different age groups.

Age 6 to 8
Age 9 to 12
Age 13 to 18