Age 6 to 8

Age 6 to 8 overview

The topics chosen for the inner world and outer view have a deep rooted purpose. Let’s take an example.

WORDS is outer world. We think in words. English 26 letters:: Sanskrit or any regional language develops the mind completely. Bad habit starts with words only.

Emotion is inner world. Emotion is energy pattern. Each kid responds differently to every situation .

Words are bridge to emotions. Words are entry to the mind.

KID’s world is made up of WORDS. Kids keep complaining. As elders we also keep thinking if some one said something bad to us. We as elders also keep instructing kids do this do that.

INNER WORLD :  Creating a practical learning experience
  • Words : Divine Vs Bad words
  • Developing Intellect : Dharana
  • Actions:: Pratyahara
  • Energy :: creation :: management :: transformation
  • Body::What are we made of
  • Manaha:: Mind is like a empty vessel.
  • Mantras-Man-Mind , Tra – thread .
  • Ritual:: Spirit – Ritual = Spiritual
OUTER WORLD: Building perception and developing fundamentals
  • Dealing with Emotions
  • Being Responsible
  • Studies
  • Culture
  • Food
  • Dealing with comparisons
  • Identifying talents
  • Handling expectations