The Practical science of Guidance in all spheres of our life.It shows us path ways one can take!!!

We all are born at a specific time which is unique to us.

Our name is a label given to us by our parents which gives us identification in the world.

For the Cosmos our existence is decided by the stars & planets.

Sun & moon have impact on us , similarly all the other planets have an impact on us.

More the developed perception of our mind  more we experience these energies.

Sun represents fire energy , leadership , dynamism , learning abilities stronger in our chart stronger the qualities and vice versa.

Moon is directly connected to the mind. Stronger the moon stronger the control over the mind and vice-versa!!


How does it helps Us?

Eg Job or business If one understands his or hers  natural inclination one will shape their education , their environment , their finances their goals in life in a particular way.

LIFE will be completely different if we have knowledge about of skills . talents , capabilities  behaviour and many more things about us & people around us.