We listen and see at the same time. We cannot see first and hear later, we will not function efficiently.

Successful people get everything right.

While learning, if we are mentally distracted or emotionally disturbed, we cannot learn things or do our job.

In the mother’s womb, nature grows all the body parts of the baby together, step by step. Nature signifies perfection.

Gravity and other forces are in such perfect balance that our mighty mother earth can rotate and revolve.

If you pull one leg of the chair, all the legs come with it.

In the modern world, we just move from one concept to another. Instead, we need to learn to look at situations in a 360-degree manner.

For success, we have to understand and grow in all aspects as a human being. Only then will we lead a healthy, wealthy, and content life.

What are all these different aspects of life?

Health: Our body should be our best friend.

Wealth: food, patience, communication, togetherness, and success are various forms of wealth that one should acquire, not just money.

Relationship: with others and oneself

Professional Life: We must understand the purpose

Social life: keeps us aware, active, and responsible.

Spiritual Life: Before we die, we must know who we are and where we came from.

Life is a combination of all these aspects.