There are two goals. Life goals vs. survival goals

Life goals are focused on progress. Progress in finance, health, education, and relations. In a family, the daily talk is about progress. Progress comes from contributions. Contribution leads to prosperity.

Survival goals are focused on comfort and self-centeredness. Consciously or unconsciously, our attention is on taking, not giving.

Let’s take an example.


  • Survival thought: Are we only thinking about money? Are we thinking only that my child should get good marks? Survival goals are self-centric. The focus is on marks, not learning. If the marks are aligned with the expectations, then the family is happy; if not, it’s sad or not vibrant. The career is not decided, and so on.
  • Life goals thought: This comes with clarity in mind. There are many kids who drop math or biology because their minds are clear. The focus is clear. Education is seen as the basis for the creation of wealth for others too. Vision for life, purpose is clear.