A human life has four phases of development. Dharma (duty), Artha (earning), Kama (contribution), and Moksha (focus on the divine)

Dharma: Doing your duty.

As parents, are we doing our duty? Dive deeper: What is my real duty as a parent?

If you’re running a business or working, are you giving 100% to it?

As a student, are the kids doing their duty of studying and growing in knowledge, skills, and human values?

If a family has siblings, how are they communicating with each other?

If everyone in the family follows their dharma, the family will be happy. If the dharma goes down, the family will not be happy.

Dharma is directly connected to progress, learning ability, financial stability, social status, and personal and family health.

Artha: getting knowledge and finance

As a family, what are the family’s discussions on education?

Do we look at education as a means of earning or survival?

Education is meant to gain knowledge and serve others.

Now put on the thinking cap: is your family in sync in Artha, Kama, and Moksha?

Kama: simply means desire. We always desire success for ourselves. I want to be a millionaire. But why can’t everyone be a millionaire along with you? This shift in thinking is a must. The market has so much potential that everyone can be a millionaire. Yes, it is a possibility.

Moksha: We feel true freedom when we complete our task 100%. A student whose capacity is to score 90% is disappointed if they don’t achieve it. A student whose capacity is to score 45% and scores the same will be happier than the student who scores less than their capacity.

Developing the habit of finishing anything that you start is a must. True success and a life without regrets are possibilities.